Orthostatic Hypotension During HTN Tx Not Tied to CVD Events - Physician's Weekly

THURSDAY, Feb. 13, 2020 - Orthostatic hypotension during hypertension treatment is not associated with a higher risk for cardiovascular disease events, according to a study published online Jan. 27 in Hypertension.

During a median three-year follow-up, the researchers found 1,170 instances of OH among those assigned a standard BP goal and 1,057 among those assigned the intensive BP goal.

There was no association seen between OH and a higher risk for cardiovascular disease events.

OH was not associated with syncope, electrolyte abnormalities, injurious falls, or acute renal failure.

There were associations noted between OH and hypotension-related hospitalizations or emergency department visits and bradycardia, but these associations did not differ by BP treatment goal.

"Symptomless OH during hypertension treatment should not be viewed as a reason to down-titrate therapy even in the setting of a lower BP goal," the authors write.

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Acute kidney failure is an acute condition that results in impaired filter capacity of the kidney. With impaired filtering ability, waste accumulates in the blood and may damage some organs or create dangerous fluid imbalances. It develops rapidly and needs immediate treatment, most of the times requiring hospitalization. Preventing complications is crucial.

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