Can ADHD make you socially awkward?

This is kind of minor but just wondering if anyone else experiences this too. Sometimes when we’re out, my partner won’t introduce me to their friends (I’m guessing they forget) or will literally move to stand in front of me when talking to someone, almost like they expect me to move over but they don’t acknowledge that there is literally no space wherever they’re “pushing” me to. It’s happening less but I think it’s because I don’t go out as much. But like it’s so uncomfortably awkward.

patty replied 5 months ago

My ADHD husband often walks across my path or neglects to respect my physical space and also has been known to just let me stand there without introducing me. He has also been known to be in the same room as me and not even notice that I am crying. I don't know if this is ADHD but he seems to sometimes act like I am completely invisible...

kristacantu4 replied 5 months ago

My boyfriend leaves me behind and keeps walking
I asked him to go if he likes to walk alone and he started laughing.
I saw a picture of him where he was standing in front of his colleague that I see only her head knowing that he had loooot of space left. I think being clumsy is part of ADHD and it's embarrassing for most people

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Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a brain disorder characterised by three patterns of behavior; inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Although it is common to meet these behaviors in young children, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder amplifies them. As a result, children or young adults suffering from it may experience social and integrational difficulties in school, university or job.

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