Can Therapy be helpful in dealing with ADHD?

I have finally managed to find a therapist who specialises in ADHD! I told hubby (who has ADHD) that this lady was happy to work with both of us 1:1 or as a couple and I got the usual "talking to some stranger isn't going to stop me having ADHD" response that I was expecting, which obviously got me wound up because I've never implied that seeing someone will stop him having ADHD. My reasons for seeking her out were because I wanted to get a better understanding of it and learn some coping strategies for myself, whilst we both had a safe space to talk about the difficulties we both faced daily (it doesn't necessarily mean that every session will be focused around ADHD). Anyway, he's adamant he will never see a therapist because it won't change things, so for the time being I'll be going alone in the hope that he may see some improvement on my side and may change his mind! Which leads me to my question; has anyone else sort out talking therapy for yourself and or your ADHD partner and found it helpful for either of you?

latoya replied 5 months ago

I go to therapy my self, my partner hasnt started his therapy or treament. He is interested its just getting over the anxiety bump adhd can cause. There are other resources you can use. Melissa Orlov has written a couple books om adhd and marriage. Her website also has tons of resources. Its worth a shot.

johnny replied 5 months ago

I hope you can get him to go. My husband was incredibly reluctant but now he really enjoys it. It helps him feel seen & understood. And it helps give us tools to work through things. It's not about erasing anyone but being aware how to get the best from each other, considering both whole people.

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