How do you deal with your partner with ADHD?

Curious if you have gone through a major break up or breakdown with your ADHD partner, and then put things back together? What type of honeymoon? Have you experienced, if any?

philip replied 6 months ago

Does this mean you're making another go of it Carole? X

earlreyna7 replied 6 months ago

mmm ... not exactly like a honeymoon (or at least I dont understand what you mean by that) but since his crisis in May he stopped drinking, he takes his medicines the way he should and since 1 month and half ago we both to sleep at the same time .... h...

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Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a brain disorder characterised by three patterns of behavior; inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Although it is common to meet these behaviors in young children, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder amplifies them. As a result, children or young adults suffering from it may experience social and integrational difficulties in school, university or job.

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