How to deal with a partner who reacts negatively due to ADHD

What can I do? He's driven after drinking. He said "It's going in the right direction" i.e. he has drank less than he did last time. So I guess he has been doing this a lot more regularly than I know. I feel really hurt but he doesn't seem to understand that it hurts me, destroys my trust etc. He doesn't get how much this breaks our relationship apart. I haven't reacted. What's the point. I am crying inside though.

bryan replied 2 months ago

That's awful, I'm sorry. I went through the same with my partner when he was still drinking. Is he within the limit at least? Hate people thinking it's acceptable to drink and drive. You did the right thing not reacting though as it would just enable his behaviour

cedricphan replied 2 months ago

My hubby drink drives. About to get his third ban. I am grateful. There is no excuse for drink driving, even ADHD. My hubby should not be on the road.

antonio replied 2 months ago

I've been quiet about this in particular, but this recently happened with mine and they got caught. I think that's why there's been a lot more posts from me lately lol. It puts such a strain on the relationship that it seems our SOs cannot see.

delbertrosario1 replied 2 months ago

I spent a few years going to Al Anon and it really helped me cope with his drinking. Before Al Anon I tried to control it - now I don't. He hasn't stopped drinking, but I have a lot of strategies in place now and I'm happier. He's not, but I am.

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Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a brain disorder characterised by three patterns of behavior; inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Although it is common to meet these behaviors in young children, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder amplifies them. As a result, children or young adults suffering from it may experience social and integrational difficulties in school, university or job.

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