How to deal with a child having epilepsy, ADHD, ODD, & OCD?

Anyone else's child also have epilepsy? Mine was diagnosed at 4. They spent years diagnosing him with everything else but autism than finally with PDD-NOS when I feel he's full blown autistic. He's been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, ODD, mood disorder, & epilepsy. He's on Depakote 3 125 mg twice a day for seizures, Vyvanse 30 mg in morning for ADHD, risoerdone .25mg in morning & .5 at night for mood disorder, & Abilify 2 mg in morning & 4 mg at night. It's exhausting. I hate having him on so many medicines. When they are the right doses everything's manageable but when he gets a growth spurt they're off & all hell breaks loose! He's violent. Tries to hurt himself of others.

roxieavila7 replied 5 months ago

Wow! U do have your hands full. I have a 20 yr old daughter that has has several meltdowns. The Dr's had her on alot of different meds. N then adjusted them. I also worked with people in that population

alonso replied 5 months ago

my older boy was on vyvance and it was wonderful for him :) but he only has younger son who has the pdd-nos is not on any medication...

dar_leon replied 5 months ago

How's that working? Mine has to be on meds or he's unstable

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Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that affects an individual’s behavioral and communication skills. It can present at any age but it most commonly appears in the first two years of life. Communication skills are poor, resulting in restricted and repetitive behavioral patterns. Medication will control symptoms and psychotherapy will socially integrate the individual. 

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