Is your autistic child uncomfortable wearing certain clothes

Does anyone else have a problem their child saying their clothes hurt them? Example: seams of socks and shirts? My son is 14 (just diagnosed) and its like it just gets worse. My other issue is that it seems that he is regressing as far as maturity. So many days its like he 8-9 years old, so frustrating.

jason243 replied 6 months ago

i just got my son that is 9 1/2 to wear jeans...for the longest time he would only wear sweat pants or anything with alastic waist...he hates his coat til this very day and will try anything to not have to wear it and socks he will only wear the ankle socks and all his shirts have to have some kinda cartoon stuff on them...and my son also acts like he is alot younger then he really is...i wish i had advise to help u with ur clothes thing but i really dont cuz i am going tho it also

hai replied 6 months ago

Not so much "hurt" (I don't think) but Conor refuses to wear any shirts with a tag still in it or with any kind of colar. He won't even wear a henly. We are attempting potty training and have put undies on him both briefs and boxers and he gets very figety and takes them off almost immediately. So naked method it is! LOL

damion30 replied 6 months ago

I have always hated labels on cloths, I always cut them off

buck replied 6 months ago

My 17 year-old is very sensitive to the feel of fabric - they have to be soft, no labels, no seams in the sock, etc. Shoes have to be a certain fit, with a certain kind of toe. Any deviations, and she can not concentrate, at all.

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Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that affects an individual’s behavioral and communication skills. It can present at any age but it most commonly appears in the first two years of life. Communication skills are poor, resulting in restricted and repetitive behavioral patterns. Medication will control symptoms and psychotherapy will socially integrate the individual. 

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