Villagers Rejoice as Tiger Which Devoured 20 Cattle in Karnataka Finally Captured - News18

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A domestic cattle devouring injured male tiger has been captured outside Karnataka's Bandipur Tiger Reserve, an official said on Tuesday.

"The tiger was caught inside an agricultural field, 2 km away from the forest boundary.

It's a 4-year-old male tiger," T.

Balachandra, Conservator of Forests and Field Director, Project Tiger, Bandipur, told IANS.

The cattle-killing big cat had been terrorising the villagers for a month now outside the Kundukere part of the tiger reserve, which falls on the southeastern side of BTR and beside Bandipur.

"The tiger killed and ate 20 domestic cattle.

It made its territory outside the forest near a human habitation," said Balachandra.

Kundukere is a critical tiger habitat within the reserve, along with Gundre, N.

Begur, Moliyur, Ainur Marigudi, Hediyala, Maddur, GS Betta and Bandipur.

According to Balachandra, the injury has enfeebled the tiger, rendering it hapless to hunt actively and forcing it to depend on domestic cattle for survival.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve, an 874 sq km national park, was formed by integrating most of the forest areas of erstwhile Venugopala Wildlife Park established in 1941, and later enlarged to its current state in Chamarajanagar district, about 220 km southwest of Bengaluru.

The tiger reserve lists 28 species of mammals, including Royal Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, common leopard, bonnet macaque, Indian pipistrelle and barking deer, among others.

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