Brave East Kilbride schoolboy living in quarantine with life-threatening illness after cancelled brain op - Daily Record

deloris438 posted 2 months ago

An East Kilbride boy is living in quarantine with a life-threatening illness after his brain surgery overseas was cancelled because of coronavirus.

Despite the huge setback, mum Donna says she is amazed at how well Mikey is coping under quarantine.

In the last year the News has followed the Miracle for Mikey campaign as it raised the £22,000 needed to send him to Barcelona for the treatment.

The "Invisible" condition means the St Louise pupil has a severe herniation - shifting of brain tissues - of 21mm and a cyst on his brain.

Specialist surgery at the Chiari Institute is less invasive than brain surgery in the UK - where treatment and research is lacking - and prevents symptoms from worsening.

The pioneering surgery has already proved highly successful in alleviating pain and symptoms in other children, and is Mikey's best shot at a normal life.

With things stable and Mikey having lots of rest, I am not worried at the moment.

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Chiari malformation refers to structural disturbances regarding the cerebellum and base of the skull. The cardinal symptoms of this condition is headache, especially under certain circumstances such as sneezing or coughing. In asymptomatic cases, regular monitoring is recommended, whereas in severe cases, surgery is the option.

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