Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that affects an individual’s behavioral and communication skills. It can present at any age but it most commonly appears in the first two years of life. Communication skills are poor, resulting in restricted and repetitive behavioral patterns. Medication will control symptoms and psychotherapy will socially integrate the individual. 

How many of you have made binders about your child's autism for when they are with babysitters or just relatives? I am wanting to make one for my son but not sure what all I should be putting in the binder. Any suggestions would help :)


I just found out a week ago that my 2 year old son Brodie has Autism Spectrum Disorder and I would just love a place to go where other people are dealing with it. How did all of you guys feel when you found out that your son/daughter had it?


Researchers in Brazil have identified a group of co-expressed genes that are dysregulated in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neuronal cells from patients with autism spectrum disorder, and which could potentially be used as a biomarker or even therapeutic target for the neurodevelopmental diso...

What is non verbal autism? Does it actually mean no words? No babbling, screaming, etc?


Does anyone else have a problem their child saying their clothes hurt them? Example: seams of socks and shirts? My son is 14 (just diagnosed) and its like it just gets worse. My other issue is that it seems that he is regressing as far as maturity. So many days its like he 8-9 years old, so frustrat...


My Daughter was recently diagnosed with ASD by the schools team of Psychologist. We just saw a Neurologist the other day and they said that they had to give the actual diagnosis. They did say that with the info I brought to them that shouldn't be a problem. Has anyone of you ever been told this? How...


I was wondering if there are families here with tween - teen ASD children? My son will be 13 in 3 weeks. Some days life can be very easy, some days I am getting calls from school because he is having difficulty coping and transitioning. He is verbal, but over all it seems, that we haven't aged pas...


My 4 year old was recently diagnosed with ASD, and I have such a hard time with him, how do the parents deal with children with ASD?


ASD camps? Has anyone attended any as a family or sent their child? I am looking for something this summer and I am thinking as a family. My other son is 1 year older and has a hard time accepting some days that his brother isn't purposely being this way to annoy him.


Does any one else's child(ren) take Depakote for seizures? I just got results from my son's EEG and it did show some electric splurges and his doctor put him on this medication. I have taken it before myself but it was many years ago and I was on 3 others combined with it so if I could remember it w...

Does anyone's child have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep?


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