Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder is a mental disorder that affects the individual’s personality and behavior. People with borderline personality disorder experience emotions in a more intense manner, needing more time than usual to overcome an emotionally triggering event. Impulsivity and unstable relationships are some of the key features of borderline personality disorder. Dialectical behavioral therapy is suggested.

Ever felt your parenting questioned due to your BPD? me too! It's another part of the stigma many I have found struggle with. Until I read and re-read this. POSITIVE in BPD parents. Hope it helps someone.


Anyone else have to dial it back when you’re around people when you realize like okay I’m putting too much out there time to dial it back.


Can you all mention one good thing on being Borderline?


I'm looking for a video posted on FB about living with borderline. Can anyone share it please?


"Writing on a soap forum, one viewer said:"Does David have a mental illness? "David does unpredictable things like with that gang etc, and then I saw an article about Borderline Personality Disorder and it really reminded me of him?". "Another replied:"I do think David...

I can’t breathe and I’m just about to cry myself to sleep. I’m tired of feeling like this and don’t even know how to talk about what I’m feeling. Can anyone help me?


Now that the series has come to a close, you've got to hear these 9 Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs. The choice to characterize the most well-known symptom in characters other than Rebecca is a smart and subtle nod to fans, in that just because some of the conte...

BPD in a nutshell except most times my mood swings last longer than 3 minutes.

Supporting a loved one with borderline personality disorder starts with understanding what triggers their symptoms.

Carissa Wright has spent years learning how to cope with distressing emotions, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit, all of a sudden her life became "Quite frightening". Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, uprooting life as we knew it. For the last four years, she has been successful in manag...

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