Anybody familiar with Vesicouretheral Reflux?

Urologist thinks I may have Vesicouretheral Reflux. Is anyone familiar with this nightmare?

kathrynrusso replied 7 months ago

Sounds horrible Lona. I hope you can get effective treatment soon!

lavonneblackburn1 replied 7 months ago

Yes I was tested for it and they confirmed I have level 1. They said level 1 and 2 are so minor that it wouldn't be the cause of infections. They said anything higher than level 2 probably needs surgery and could be the cause of more infections.

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Coronary artery disease refers to the damage of the arteries supplying the myocardium. Inflammation together with plaque formation in the lumen of the arteries are the two entities that are most commonly responsible for the development of the disease. If left untreated it can progress to angina, myocardial infarction or dyspnea. Lifestyle interventions and exercise are the cornerstone of preventing coronary artery disease.

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