Can herbal medicines and supplements treat UTI?

I had UTI with negative Urine culture. Had pain and burning sensation in urethra. Once the acute stage of infection was gone, lower abdominal pain with dull pain in pelvis and scrotum started. Tried all possible antibiotic and anti fungal medication. The above symptom persisted until day before yesterday. During this period, I have been on Unani herbal medication with diet restriction for almost a month. I am finding the difference slowly. I also eat Shilajit as a supplement. Just wanted to know if anybody else have tried this treatment before and found similar progress.

kathrinesimpson6 replied 2 weeks ago

Your symptoms sounds like prostatitis

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Coronary artery disease refers to the damage of the arteries supplying the myocardium. Inflammation together with plaque formation in the lumen of the arteries are the two entities that are most commonly responsible for the development of the disease. If left untreated it can progress to angina, myocardial infarction or dyspnea. Lifestyle interventions and exercise are the cornerstone of preventing coronary artery disease.

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