Can botox injections help treat the GP side effects?

edwin_weaver posted 2 weeks ago

Out if curiosity, how many have had the Botox injections to aid in the Gastroparesis side effects such as chronic GERD (acid reflux/ heartburn)?

kristie713 replied 2 weeks ago

I just had this procedure 3 weeks ago

waynerasmussen4 replied 2 weeks ago

I've had 2 rounds of Botox this year. My first round was really successful and my GI was hopeful it would last 6-12 months but my symptoms recently came back with a vengeance only 3 months later. Just had another round 1.5 weeks ago and unfortunately not as successful but still has helped symptoms subside a bit

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Gastroparesis slows down the motility of the stomach. Slowed gastric emptying due to gastroparesis may be accompanied by certain symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Impaired blood glucose metabolism can also manifest because of abnormal digestion procedure. Diet modifications along with certain drugs can offer some relief. 

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