Can Gastroparesis cause dizziness?

sidneyanthony7 posted 1 month ago

Yesterday I had a weird thing happen. I was entering my house and out of nowhere I was instantly very dizzy, couldn't see and felt nauseous. I was stumbling and weaving, then I fell down. I was able to get up and stumble and weave to my bedroom, all the time not able to see. Nothing hurt. Finally made it to my bed and slept for 3 hours. When I got up, I still felt slightly dizzy and sorta out of it. Any one?

kathy replied 1 month ago

Need electrolytes...just add it to your water.

jan_haley replied 1 month ago

Same thing happens to people at work think I'm drunk or on something.

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Gastroparesis slows down the motility of the stomach. Slowed gastric emptying due to gastroparesis may be accompanied by certain symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Impaired blood glucose metabolism can also manifest because of abnormal digestion procedure. Diet modifications along with certain drugs can offer some relief. 

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