Which headphones work well with hearing aids?

lemuel posted 6 months ago

Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for headphones that you have found successful with hearing aids. Or techniques for using them (I'm going to ask about adjusting my HA the next time I'm back at the audiologist to see if that'll help, but there is a long waiting list). As for introductions, I'm 31 and I recently got a hearing aid for my left ear again after some 22 years (BTE ReSound Danalogic ES71 through the NHS). I have moderate to severe hearing loss in my left ear (suspected cause is an infection and high temperatures when I was an infant) and I wore a hearing aid when I was 8/9 but didn't like it so stopped wearing it. I feel I compensated very well with my right ear, however since getting my hearing aid I have noticed a huge difference and I wish I done it sooner!

reinaldo replied 6 months ago

I stream directly to my bluetooth hearing aids now.

sheenacarlson3 replied 6 months ago

I know there used to be a thing that kinda fitted like a cap over your BTE so the sound went to your HA rather than to your ear. This was some time ago and I don't remember what it was called. Maybe browse some of the big websites like Harris Communications and see what they've got?

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Hearing loss or presbycusis is a common progressive condition that can be of three types; conductive, sensorineural or mixed. It is usually an irreversible condition but can be easily managed with proper hearing aids. The most important risk factors are aging and chronic exposure to loud noise. Reversible causes of hearing loss are those of neurological etiology or excessive earwax. 

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