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autumnbond1 posted 2 months ago

Elizabeth Marsh says it hasn't been the big things that have helped her family get through brain surgeries and heart surgeries.

Before Allie was born, Elizabeth found out there was fluid on her daughter's brain.

Throughout the brain surgeries for Allie and the cardiac surgeries for Andrew, Elizabeth says the things that have helped them get through are not big.

Allie and Madison are involved with an organization called HopeKids, Elizabeth said, and the family also leans on their church community.

Sara Rowe has seen firsthand how Elizabeth's outlook helps her get through.

"Seeing her fully just let it go and rely on God and just being able to find joy in every single day," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth continues to navigate these difficult days with her family.

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Hydrocephalus is an abnormal collection of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, increasing intracranial pressure and compressing various structures. Hydrocephalus symptoms depends on its location and may produce headache, nausea, balance or gait problems and generalized muscle weakness.Drainage of hydrocephalus surgically is the treatment of option.

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