Are symptoms similar for both menopause and hyperthyroidism?

I am 40 and new to the community. Can you ask your GP to get tested for hyperthyroidism or is it not that straight forward? I have some of the symptoms of this but could be early menopause too. Hot flashes every day/night, bad anxiety, weight loss, no period since coming off pill 2 months ago, but then haven't had a period properly for nearly a year it seems except random spotting one night. About 2 years ago I saw a wellness doctor to talk about my fatigue. They suggested a serum reverse T3 test (RT3) and my result was 518 pmol/L. So I had some T3 medication but went off it not long after as caused heart palpitations. My regular blood test showed my thyroid as normal though and still is 'normal' as did another test recently. Very difficult to know what is going on with me! Also had ultrasound on ovaries and all okay. Seeing GP again this week.

je_huerta replied 3 weeks ago

You can go to an independent lab like quest or econolab and pay and order them yourself. There is a full thyroid panel. Make sure you don't take anything with biotin about a week before testing.

franklinhanson8 replied 3 weeks ago

My TSH kept coming back as normal for the first year I had symptoms! It was my T3 and T4 tests that finally picked it up, and then my TSH plummeted too finally

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Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid results in increased production of thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland. It can be primary or secondary and presents with signs of accelerated metabolism such as weight loss and tachycardia. Decreased tolerance to heat and irritability are also common. Radioactive iodine administration and medication to control heartbeat are recommended. 

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