Does Methimazole make you susceptible for infections?

wilbergilbert6 posted 6 months ago

Already have my first Methimazole related infection. They aren’t kidding on the medication leaflet. I had a minor road rash on my lower leg, nothing serious at all. Kept Telfa pad and triple antibiotic ointment on it, but still ended up with cellulitis. Gang, be careful with any boo-boos and if you have one, stay out of the water swimming, etc. I haven’t been in the water, but folks that end up with flesh eating disease usually have an open sore and pick up the bacteria. We on Methimazole, will be more susceptible to that too. Just left the urgent care and off to the pharmacy for an antibiotic now. Seeing my endocrinologist on Tuesday for routine follow-up so we’ll talk about my boo-boo then too.

claude720 replied 6 months ago

Omg I had a huge gash on my ring finger that's almost fully healed now and last week I was almost certain it was infected I would've panicked if i saw this post then, I'm so glad mine is healing. I'm somewhat newly engaged and I was scared to have a permanent scar on my ring finger . But thanks for the heads up, definitely going to be more careful

warren16 replied 6 months ago

Thanks for your advice !

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