How is hyperthyroidism different from hypothyroidism?

je_bush posted 3 days ago

What's the difference between Hypo and Hyper? I've read comments from people saying because they've gone from Hyper to Hypo and they feel better now or Hypo is not as bad as being Hyper. Is it because Hypothyroidism is easier to treat? Is it because you had RAI or Surgery and you think all is well? From what I know, doing my research, you're still going to deal with symptoms here and there, and you still have to take medication. Anyone that's Hypo or was Hypo (now Hyper) that can share some information?

francis790 replied 3 days ago

Hypo is the opposite problem of hyper so your thyroid is not producing enough hormones... you can be hypo for many reasons just like hyper... but yes you can also go hypo from taking too much hyper medication which is an easy fix lower dose or stop tak...See more

derek_osborne replied 3 days ago

I'm currently hypo with Graves, as my hyper medication worked too rapidly so I'm now on anti thyroid med as well as thyroxine. Block and replace treatment. My hyper symptoms were more frightening with my crazy heart rate etc

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Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid results in increased production of thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland. It can be primary or secondary and presents with signs of accelerated metabolism such as weight loss and tachycardia. Decreased tolerance to heat and irritability are also common. Radioactive iodine administration and medication to control heartbeat are recommended. 

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