What if medications aren't effectiveagainst hyperthyroidism?

gina981 posted 1 week ago

I forgot to mention I lost 20 lbs. I have experienced heart palpitations breathing trouble. Being completely exhausted and worn out all day everyday. Brain fog, Numbness in arms legs and face, Dizziness, Vertigo, Anxiety, Anxious, many more symptoms. I’ve had heart palpitations and breathing trouble for several years. But all my other symptoms have come up and intensified over the last year. To daily occurrence. I thought maybe I was worn out from caring for my 3 girls. Or from having a baby and breastfeeding the last year. But stopping breastfeeding and still feel worse then ever. Finding a nodule in my thyroid on the left side. My medications I’ve been trying for the past month wasn’t working. I’m starting to feel discouraged. I am still waiting to see the endocrinologist.

megangarcia8 replied 1 week ago

When were u diagnosed?mine january 2019.it takes month for my medication to works.I had hives almost everyday since discharge on jan.It stop on July.Not only that irregular menses.anxiesties.fatigue. nauseous.Now its level.just that im left with graves.dont gv up.

duanekeith3 replied 1 week ago

I have all same symptoms Dr diagnosed SVT(sorry don't know medical term) my heart beats too fast and doesn't pump enough blood I take half minax twice a day and very rarely have palpitations now . For constant waves of nausea was diagnosed peptic ulcer and take nexium daily for that and has made a huge difference . My main problem is trying to gain weight now and fatigue

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Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid results in increased production of thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland. It can be primary or secondary and presents with signs of accelerated metabolism such as weight loss and tachycardia. Decreased tolerance to heat and irritability are also common. Radioactive iodine administration and medication to control heartbeat are recommended. 

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