Are spasming and tightness symptoms of IC?

sal373 posted 3 months ago

My pelvic floor muscles are very tight/spasming. Has anyone figured out if the spasming/tightness is the cause of their bladder/urination problems? Or maybe more of a symptom? I still have blood in my urine and I do find that eating a very strict/low acidic diet helps with the burning. Just kinda curious. Will be going in weekly and have exercises to do daily. Fingers crossed.

rickyrice4 replied 3 months ago

I also have the dual diagnoses. I don't know which really came first. I was diagnosed with IC 7 years, diagnosed with PFD 2 years ago, but crushed my pelvis 25 years ago. So who knows! I have to follow the IC diet and PF PT helps me tremendously!

hugh176 replied 3 months ago

Can you please share your home exercises with me, by way of pics or descriptions.. I cannot afford togo to PT without insurance.

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Interstitial cystitis or bladder pain syndrome is a chronic bladder condition that presents with the subjective feeling of pain or pressure in the bladder. Lower urinary tract symptoms accompany the pain in the absence of urinary tract infection. The exact cause of this pain syndrome is unknown and treatment is individualized according to symptomatology.

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