Which are the foods which do not cause IC flare ups?

It's my wife's birthday, and I want to cook her dinner. I wanna make something that tastes good that we both can eat. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. PS: I'm the one with IC, but my wife requested an IC meal so we can enjoy a dinner together for the first time in awhile.

byronhendrix replied 1 month ago

You have a beautiful wife. Grilled or baked salmon, salad. Starches can be a problem so if they make you bloat stay away from these. Vegetables. Steak

maramcdonald replied 1 month ago

Wonderful to hear of your supportive and loving spouse.

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Interstitial cystitis or bladder pain syndrome is a chronic bladder condition that presents with the subjective feeling of pain or pressure in the bladder. Lower urinary tract symptoms accompany the pain in the absence of urinary tract infection. The exact cause of this pain syndrome is unknown and treatment is individualized according to symptomatology.

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