Which is the most effective medicine for IC symptoms?

What supplements/medication have you found to be most helpful for pressure, urgency, and ache? I constantly feel that my bladder needs emptied even after just emptying and have immense pressure. Thanks!

raywyatt replied 2 months ago

Drinking large glasses of water, not cold. Heat therapy, slow breathing techniques, lots of space to move for comfort, loose clothing, yoga. As for meds, uribel and amitriptyline and peridium and vagina valium.

joni706 replied 2 months ago

I have this too. The only thing that helps me is bladder instillations and sitting with a heat pack between my legs constantly

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Interstitial cystitis or bladder pain syndrome is a chronic bladder condition that presents with the subjective feeling of pain or pressure in the bladder. Lower urinary tract symptoms accompany the pain in the absence of urinary tract infection. The exact cause of this pain syndrome is unknown and treatment is individualized according to symptomatology.

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