Which medicines apart from Cymbalta can be used against OA?

su_glover posted 6 months ago

I work from home and sit during the day. I do get up, so walk, do stretch. So it’s not that. But, I’m not clear on how some days my knees are hard to bend and get up from sitting, and other days it’s “normal” OA. WHAT IS GOING ON? Is it the full moon, sugar, purple unicorn, what? Also Bioflex is okay, but what other pain medicines help? I got off Cymbalta because it’s an antidepressant but then what else? Wellbutrin? Tramedol? Thanks.

neldapineda6 replied 6 months ago

First off medications have multiple uses. While some are given for specific purposes for one person another person may take the same medication for a different treatment. Second barometric pressure is what I look at. Weather conditions affect me usually 2 days before anyone else knows.

nolahowell replied 6 months ago

OA is affected by changes in barometric pressure which is what happens before & during periods of rain

madelinewalters1 replied 6 months ago

Foods you eat can also have influence on your knee. You may use it more somedays and less others. The weather has caused mine to swell and hurt

amelia replied 6 months ago

I read often the affect foods have on pain etc. I don't know if I agree with it. Over summer I had very little pain and my stiffness in the mornings didn't seem to bad but now winter is here I'm pretty stiff and eat the same food as I did over summer so I put it down to the cold.

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Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that affects large joints, especially those bearing the most body weight, such as the knee and hip joints. Joints that we use most during the day are also commonly affected. The cardinal symptoms of osteoarthritis are joint pain and stiffness. Swelling of the joints may also be present. Pain relieving medication and physiotherapy are the interventions preferred to manage osteoarthritis.

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