Could my doctor be wrong with diagnosis?

I am TIFFANY and I was diagnosed Wednesday the 25th 2019 by right heart cath. I believe I’m still in denial. I was given this right heart cath but my doctor didn’t give me Iv fluids and took few pressures of my lung. Comes back and tells me I believe it could have been higher but you was dehydrated. Then says I’m in the grey area with my pressure but something is going on. I want a second opinion before I start meds because I always smoked three packs a day. that day I had no... sleep and had smoked two packs had severe headache and no fluids and was highly upset and had my anxiety going off. Guys I can’t even take full beta blocker it drops my blood pressure to 80/50 how am I going to be treated with bp med without dying from too low of blood pressure? I don’t understand I have heart rate of 140 at times and it feels like its pounding so hard I am about to pass out. Not all the time it’s every three months. Could my doctor be wrong with this diagnosis?? I cough/hack every morning with mucus and have heartburn and I also have crackling/ wheezing. I do have high white count and have for eight years. I have also had blue tint to my bottom lip for 7 years. I’m losing my hair and then my thyroid is 5.2 sometimes. Now I have muscle twitches coming on. Just wish my doctor would listen to me See more

billcohen7 replied 2 weeks ago

I see a great doctor Jean Elwing. She saved my life. He office opens at 8am tomorrow. She will get you on the meds. I feel fantastic now.513-475-8523

al_short replied 2 weeks ago

I'm glad you are going to a PH specialist. Your life depends on this. Please find out your pulmonary arterial pressure, the WHO Group that you are in, and your functional class. Then you will know where you are at in the beginning. The meds that they put you on depend on these things, and you deserve to know what they are because they are now part of who you are. This is scary, and there are adjustments to be made in your life, but it will be ok. You can live a good life with this disease, but you have to own it and work with your medical team in order to get better. Listen, read, ask questions, eat healthy, and take care of yourself mentally physically, and spiritually in whatever belief system you have. Good luck and peace to you always.

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Pulmonary hypertension is hypertension of the lung arteries that leads to narrowing of their lumen. Dyspnea is one of the most prominent symptoms, accompanied by fatigue, chest pressure or even syncope. Signs of right heart failure may also be present as a complication of pulmonary hypertension, which is the case of cor pulmonale.

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