Has anyone switched from IV Remodulin to Uptravi?

My mom goes to her specialist this afternoon. I wish I had thought to ask her earlier. She is on Opsumit, Adempas and IV Remodulin. She has been on the IV Remoduin for a little over two years. For various reasons, she wants to switch from IV to another oral. A while back when we asked her doctor, she said that another doctor took one of her patients off of IV & put her on oral and that patient died. I don't like the scare tactics. We recently brought up switching again and my mom's doctor ordered an echo for today and said that they could talk about possibly transitioning from IV Remodulin to Uptravi. I don't have time to search to see what has been said here about getting off of IV . Has anyone here done it? How long ago and what is your experience? Thanks.

lilaroy5 replied 3 months ago

I love hearing these stories, gives me hope

leo_peters replied 3 months ago

I was on IV Veletri, horribly side effects but great results. Got me to where I could switch to oral only, opsomit, Adcirca and eplerinone also bumex and pottasium.

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