Need tips to carry portable oxygen device comfortably?

Who is wearing a pump for Veletri and also carrying a portable oxygen machine. Do you have any advice or tips that makes carrying all theses devices comfortably manageable?

jon replied 7 months ago

I have an inogen g2 weighs about 12 lbs with the large battery. I have a stashband I sometimes use but mostly dresses, shorts and skirts with large pockets for my veletri pump

ca_meadows replied 7 months ago

I actually carry my Veletri pump in a small handbag (over the shoulder) ..everywhere

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Pulmonary hypertension is hypertension of the lung arteries that leads to narrowing of their lumen. Dyspnea is one of the most prominent symptoms, accompanied by fatigue, chest pressure or even syncope. Signs of right heart failure may also be present as a complication of pulmonary hypertension, which is the case of cor pulmonale.

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