How can stress affect the symptoms of stroke?

sue_day posted 5 months ago

I haven't been feeling too well lately. I currently had to quit my job I just started like 5 months ago. Because the place I worked at was too fast paced for me and I realized I couldn't multitask And my focus was off I was getting very irritable at work a lot. Now being home all the time has been depressing. I recently got into it with my roommate and told them it was time they found another place to live because they haven't kept their end of the bargain with paying me every 2 weeks. I was not getting paid or I'd b Lucky if they gave me $100. I was the one who paid all the bills including the rent and all the stuff that needed to be done on my car including all the gas. They used my car too. I literally been stressing out so bad. And I literally feel like I'm about to put myself back in the hospital soon from all this stress. I get so worked up I start studdering, I can't think straight. I sometimes feel as if my mouth gets a tad numb my tongue too. My head kills me. I sometimes feel like my speech gets a little slurry too especially if I'm talking about what bothers me or irritates me. One thing I'm passionate about in general. I'm quick tempered I hate that. I been noticing a few things that's just off with me lately. I'm afraid to talk to my family about it. Am I the only one who feels like this when I get stressed.

staceyacosta2 replied 5 months ago

You have to eliminate stress! Not good for us! Plus we get anxious

zanemorrow replied 5 months ago

Becky you need to look after yourself first and then if you have the energy and time then think of others. People who care will understand

ear_padilla replied 5 months ago

Hi Becky. You are not alone. Our brains have been injured and can't deal with stress like before. When I'm stressed now I just break down in tears. It sounds like your roommate is taking advantage of you and you don't need that. It's time to think about you and put your health first. I had a big problem with irritability. Stroke rage is real!! I talked to my doctor and got his help with that. Just keep moving forward and take things one day at a time

natalieware3 replied 5 months ago

When my daughter gets stressed or tired she starts missing words, and cries. I have just come to accept that my job as her Mom is to talk her through her emotions.
Recovery is hard, long and can be lonely. Find your support system, friends, family, or this group.

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Stroke is the result of insufficient blood supply to the brain. It results in neurological disturbances that may affect motion, vision, speech and cognition in general. It is considered a medical emergency and the earliest the treatment the less damage to the brain cells. Hopefully,  stroke is a condition well understood and can be effectively prevented.

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